14.1. Main Test ScriptΒΆ

This module imports the other test modules and builds a complete suite from the individual module suites.

"""stingray test script."""
import unittest
import sys
import logging
import test.cell
import test.sheet
import test.schema
import test.schema_loader
import test.workbook
import test.cobol
import test.cobol_loader
import test.cobol_2
import test.snappy_protobuf

Construction of an overall suite depends on each module providing and easy-to-use suite() function that returns the module’s suite.

def suite():
    s= unittest.TestSuite()
    s.addTests( test.cell.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.sheet.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.schema.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.schema_loader.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.workbook.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.cobol.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.cobol_loader.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.cobol_2.suite() )
    s.addTests( test.snappy_protobuf.suite() )
    return s

def main():
    with test.Logger( stream=sys.stderr, level=logging.WARN ):

        # Single test case for debugging purposes
        #single= test.cobol_2.Test_Copybook_11
        #suite= unittest.defaultTestLoader.loadTestsFromTestCase(single)
        #return unittest.TextTestRunner().run(suite)

        # All test cases is the default
        return unittest.TextTestRunner().run(suite())

if __name__ == "__main__":